Brain Bricks

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The course is filled with fun ways of playing with your child while supporting good brain development and enhancing carer's understanding of behaviours, promoting every day interactions that can offer your child better resilience and positive coping skills to last their whole life.

Attending the courses can:


  • Increase Knowledge of physical and emotional early development of the brain
  • Support your child to develop their full potential during these essential early years
  • Deepen empathy and understanding of your child’s behaviours
  • Enhance bonding
  • Increased possibility of gaining early insight of any physical symptoms that may become present - carers can discuss with medical professionals and gain the right support/treatment as early as possible (early intervention is often linked to better outcomes)
  • Learn new play methods and enjoy watching their development response
  • Increase confidence of parenting skills
  • Highlight relevant evidence-based research for well informed decision making for your child’s future


Brain Bricks is for everyone!

The content is suited for all levels of learning ability and invites questions to ensure that everybody is included and gains the best possible learning experiences. The groups do not exceed 10 babies per session as this should offer sufficient time for any additional needs or queries that may arise.


We will also be offering regular questions and answers for those following us on facebook and twitter as well as many links to interesting resources that may advance your learning from home (for those who wish to continue their learning of brain development).


Courses are subject to availability. All courses must be booked and paid for in advance.



All course dates and locations will be published on the homepage of this website as soon as they have been confirmed.


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For anyone who is helping to build a baby!

-mums, dads, grandparents, childminders, nursery staff, neighbours or adult siblings.... ALL baby carers can improve brain development (up to 2 carers per baby attending the course)

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